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Client Login to Link Portal

Intuit Link:

Use to prepare tax organizer & send documentation in a fast and secure way.


First time users:


To access the individual tax organizer:

  1. You’ll receive an invitation email from Daniel Teran, CPA
  2. You must “Accept” the invite
  3. It will ask you to create your Intuit account by creating a password
  4. It will prompt you to an “Engagement Letter”
  5. Once the engagement letter is signed and accepted, the organizer will be immediately displayed.


Completing Tax Organizer:


  1. Tax Organizer Questions
    1. Organizer has Yes/No Questions
    2. You may “skip” questions that are not applicable
    3. If you have a question regarding one of the questions asked, you can send us a message directly from the “Ask a question or send message about this request” box.
  2. Attaching Tax Documents
    1. Select the “paper clip” located at bottom of each question.
    2. You can also select “Documents” listed on the top of the page, it will show you a list of documents that can be uploaded.


Submitting Tax Organizer


Once you are ready to submit your tax organizer, select “To Do’s” listed on the top of the page and select “I’m Done”. It will generate a message from your email to stating “I’m Done” on the subject line. CLICK SEND


For second submittal of Tax Organizer or submittal of additional documents do the following:


  1. On home page click on “Cancel Alert”
  2. When complete; Select “I’m Done”
    (It will notify Daniel Teran of your 2nd submittal)


Returning users:


  1. Use the Intuit Link or type "Intuit Link" in your Internet Browser.